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9 Celebrities Who Have Committed Suicide

The lives of celebrities look luxurious, and everybody fascinates to live that way. Little do we realize that behind every star-crowded by thousands of fans, there is a normal human being who is fighting the battles of life. Their lives are not what you see on television, movies, and shows.

In fact, it is as complicated as any other human being on this earth, and most of the time these people fail to cope up with the failure, pressure, or depression. It may sound abhorrent, but many celebrities have ended their lives because of this. Given below is the list of such Celebs Who Have Committed Suicide.

Celebrities Who Have Committed Suicide

  • Lee Thompson Young: At a very young age, Lee achieved great things in life. From starring in commercials TV shows and films to eventually landing into a popular Disney show, he has tasted success in the most beautiful way. His life was not free from struggles; he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and went through a phase of depression that was unbearable for him. In August 2013, he shot himself in his head and was found dead in his apartment.
  • Mark Rothko: He was a wonderful artist, and his work is still famous in various corners of this world. Between the 1950s to 1960s, he was cherishing his success and was at the center of attention. He was multi-talented, but this fame could not bring much happiness. He was found dead at his home with grotesque self-inflicted wounds because he had apparently stabbed himself with painting knives.
  • Don Cornelius: Despite being the leading man of Soul Train, he had something that forced him to take his life at the age of 75. He was suffering from ailments for 30 years, and he shot himself with a gun. He was known for spreading the message of peace and cultural diversity but failed to beautify his life.
  • Ray Combs: He was a popular TV host of hit game show Family Feud. Despite being very likable and having a flourishing career, he had problems in his marriage and was admitted to the psychiatric ward of Glendale Adventist Medical Center. To escape, he hung himself to death in one of the closets.
  • Freddie Prinze: At a young age of 20 something, he was doing the very popular show Chico and The Man. He had the limelight, stardom, and girls running behind him, but unfortunately could not bear it all alone. He was exposed to drugs and later on ended his life with a touchy suicide note.
  • Tony Scott: He is the man behind the stardom of many famous actors, and he has directed many hit movies. The director of Top Gun jumped off the bridge in Los Angeles with a suicide note left behind that said he was battling cancer.
  • Shakir Stewart: He was the man behind the success of Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, etc. but he was found to be out of the character before committing suicide. He was found in the bathroom of his home with a self-inflicted wound of the gun shot on his head.

  • Gia Allemand:
    Gia Allemand
    She appeared on the popular show The Bachelor, and she apparently had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend before committing suicide. At the young age of 29, she hung herself but passed away the next day in the hospital.

  • Jovan Belcher: He had a tragic death where he shot himself after murdering his girlfriend in front of his coach. He was suffering from a degenerative brain disorder that forced him to take such horrible step.     

These all leads to just one simple thing that one should not judge a book by its cover. Celebrities also suffer from trauma and depression. Suicide is never an option!