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7+ Best Garment Steamer Reviews 2019 – Do Not Buy Without Reading This!

Hello everyone! If you are one of them, who are looking best alternative to iron with an easy to use and the more effective way, then you are at right place.

We are come up with Best Garment Steamer and its review 2019 for our visitors.  All we know that iron is difficult to use and carry and you can’t take it everywhere at the time of traveling or any other functions.

For that, we have to upgrade it a one-step with garment steamer in town. But before we move to the review section, first take a look at what Garment steamer is.


Garment steamers or clothes steamers or steam de-wrinklers or fabric steamers are a multi-purpose appliance that is very useful in daily life.

As I said, it is an alternative to iron. It removes the wrinkles and creases from cloths using water stream. Even it eliminate odors, remove dust and freshen items.

The steamer has three important part: water tank- where water kept, a nozzle as an output of steam and the heating element. The heating element decides the speed of product heating and power of steam.


#1 Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer

buy steamfast garment steamer

It is one the handheld, smallest and most portable garment steamers. It comes in three different colors: white, pink and orange. It can be useful for heavy as well as delicate materials. And due to its size, you can bring it with you during traveling. With 7-ounce water capacity, it can provide you continuous steam up to 12 minutes.

  •  800 watts of power.
  •  The Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer is more useful with almost all type of clothes instead of iron.
  •  It is portable so easily taken anywhere.
  •  The appliance works well with delicate fabrics compared to heavy fabrics.
  •  If it not used in an upright position, then it stumbles water and leak.
  •  The steam does not last relatively longer if you do not set it properly.

#2 Elite by PurSteam

Elite Garment Steamer is available at a reasonable rate price and one of the highest buy garment steamers in the marketplace. You can Buy Garment Steamer to keep your garments tight and wrinkle-free for any function or meeting. If you are looking for the steamer with long steaming time, it is one of the best one within budget. Even it comes up with a 5-Year warranty and money-back guarantee.

  •  A water storage capacity of 1.80 liter
  •  Within a minute it can heat up the water and provide steam up to 60 minutes without any refilling.
  •  It can also kill harmful bacteria and germs.
  •  Hold its place as one of the highest purchased garment steamers online.
  •  Due to a bunch of equipment, people discover it annoying.
  •  Few people complain about less steam time. 

#3 Rowenta IS6200 Full-Size

best garment steamer rowentaIt provides you with an easy to transport roll feature. All the feature it provides to customers makes it an excellent product for home and commercial purpose. IS6200 gives you quality steaming for all type of fabric, and it is uncompromised.

  •  1500 watt of power and lightweight
  •  The steam lasts for at least 60 minutes
  •  Works well with all type of fabrics
  •  The water reservoir can hold up to 81 ounces of water
  •  Faster removal of creases and wrinkles
  •  Comes with three accessories
  •  The handle and power cord tends to get hot
  •  Due to the short hose, it sputtering water on the clothes.

#4 J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

Jiffy best garment steamerOur list of Best Garment Steamer is not complete without J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer. It is a well-known steamer of the market and the first choice of the customer. It is a multipurpose steamer made of all brass couplings.

  •  Store easily
  •  The heating system of 1300 watt
  •  The water tank capacity is of a 2.8 liter, and stream lasts for 1.5 hours.
  •  Ultra-fast steam generation
  •  The outer surface of LEXAN ensures the streamer’s strength
  •  Automatically shutting-off
  •  Heavy-duty equipment
  •  Color-coded temperature wiring
  •  The constant and powerful release of steam
  •  Head made of metal feels heavy if you use it for a longer time
  •  The metal screws fixed in wooden may cause burn

#5 Singer SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watt

buy singer steamworks garment steamerSinger SteamWorks is one of the cheapest home and commercial steamer.  It can perform well with all type of garments and fabrics intended for heavy duty and light work. The multiple accessories make it work relaxed. However, the handle of the steamer gets hot. But to overcome it they provide a pair of protective gloves. It is durable, lightweight, budget-friendly and easy to use.

  •  Need 45 seconds to build-up the steam and continuously provide steam for about one and half hour.
  •  The power supply of 1500 watt, which can be adjustable according to the type of fabrics.
  •  Water reservoir capacity of 84 oz of water and yes, it is removable.
  •  The tube of the garment steamer covered with cloth that provides extra safety.
  •  Shutting off automatically
  •  Two years of limited warranty
  •  The too short hose of garment steamer can’t reach everywhere
  •  Steam flow is inconsistent
  •  Small head of steam

#6 ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer

buy ESTEAM Garment Steamer If we look for the compact and stylish design, then this handheld steamer is one of the first choices of users. The streamer is designed in such a way that makes it stand out with some unique features. With one time heat up it can work for many fabrics. It is lightweight, and easy to carry with the weight of 2 pounds.

  •  Steams well and lightweight
  •  Water tank capacity of an 8 oz. and it prevents expelling of water.
  •  After using it, no feeling of humidity
  •  Power of 600 watts
  •  Per filling, over 15 minutes of steaming
  •  Use tap water without salt
  •  Comes with a feature of an automatic turn off
  •  It reported by few customers that it turns on-off sequentially.

#7 URPOWER Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer

portable garment steamer urpowerWe recommend this Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer by URPOWER. It is one of the best handheld garment steamers. It is the impeccable choice for all of those who are looking for transportability and affordability in one place. As it cost only $20, I think everyone here can afford it. Okay, it has low capacity regarding water storage and steam generation, but this steamer is customer’s choice at a pocket-friendly rate with the 2-year warranty. It is also one of the best fabric steamers

  •  To heat up, it needs two to three minutes
  •  A water tank is of 0.13 liter
  •  Exclusive design
  •  For removal of wrinkles, there is a nozzle
  •  Suitable for carrying in a bag
  •  Continuous 10 minutes of steaming
  •  Can’t tilt more than 45 Degrees
  •  Sometimes, steaming is not satisfactory

#8 Epica 800-watt garment steamer

The lightweight and self-adjustable Epica 800 is one of the fast steam generators of the market.  It comes with a few helpful attachments and accessories like fabric brush, lint remover, etc. it can carry during journeys and tours as it is lightweight and compact.

  •  800-watt of the powerful heating system.
  •  Easily fill the water reservoir.
  •  A constant flow of steam
  •  Water capacity of 7 ounces and constant steam for 23 minutes
  •  Best for traveling
  •  Comes with a turn on and turn off switch
  •  The water reservoir can’t remove by filling. 

Watch This Video If You’re Still Confused


It is all about best garment steamer and garment steamer reviews. We hope you like it and find the one which is you are looking for. Now buy a garment steamer and get rid of iron. Share your opinions, observations, and questions in the comment section below. Thank you!