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How to Get a Jawline? 6 Ways to Get Perfect Jawline!

Every single person in the world has a different body structure, and with that, they look different from each other. While some people suffer from nervous system problems and then consume natural medication about which you can read the studies here, to make the nerves in the bodywork appropriately, others are due to a proper diet maintain their body in such a way that the blood circulation across the body is perfect.

Who doesn’t want to have the perfect face? Each and every feature on your face matters, like the shape of your eyebrows, shape of your face, facial fat, cheekbones and even jawline. Due to facial fat, a lot of people’s jaw line is not prominent. There are certain ways you can follow to get the perfect jawline.

How to Get a Jawline?

  • Exercise Your Jaw

Exercise is very important to reduce the fat on your face and to make your jawline more visible. Exercises such as head twists, and opening our jaws wide can give you a chiseled jawline. You can also do a neck curl up exercise. You can below few Jawline exercise tools from below. 

To do the neck curl up exercise, lie down on your back with your tongue pressed on the roof of the mouth. This activates the front neck muscles. Then bring your chin to your chest and then lift your off the ground for about 2 inches. Don’t lift your stomach and don’t poke your chin out. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

  • Smile Often

It is good to smile to show your aura in a social gathering, but it is also good to smile because it helps you to get a good jawline. When you smile, it tones up your skin muscles. Smiling is also as strenuous as other exercises.

The best thing about smiling is, it is an exercise and you can do it whenever you want. Being a mood enhancer, it is also capable of enhancing your jawline.

  • Chew Gum

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to chew gum whenever they can? Gone are the days when we were being scolded for chewing gums as sugar-free gums are widely available in the market. Moreover, chewing gum can also help you to reduce the facial fat.

It is one of the easiest ways to get a quick jawline, as chewing is also a kind of exercise that helps your jawline to be more sharp and prominent. It also fun, so there’s no stress of exercise.

  • Do Chin Lifts

Chin lift exercise can help you to reduce the extra face on your face. When the extra facial fat is gone, then the jawline automatically becomes prominent. To do the exercise, follow the steps.

Look up, looking towards the ceiling and keep staring at it. Strain your lips in a way that you are trying to kiss it. Stay in that position for 10 seconds. Repeat it 10 times.

  • Make A Fish Face

Making a fish face is one of the funniest things you will do to get a perfect jawline. Remember as kids we used to make this face to either tease others or to make people laugh. You could get a chiseled jawline just by doing the same thing again.

Suck your cheeks from inside your mouth and try smiling. This will resemble like a fish face and it will help you tone down your facial muscles. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

  • Face Massage

Face massage is the best thing we can do right after a stressful day. It is one of the best relaxation techniques and also a good way to increase blood circulation on your face. Whenever you wash your face, rub your fingers over your face in circular motions.

Rub your chin, jaw, temples, and cheeks a few seconds to feel refreshed. This activity will help your skin to become tighter. When your skin becomes tight, the jawline will automatically be prominent.


I hope you liked our valuable article on how to get a jawline. If you perform these exercises on daily basis for two-three weeks you’ll see changes definitely. Perform each of these exercises at least for ten seconds for five times each and that too for continuously two-three weeks.

Given that you perform accordingly, you might feel little pain and unevenness during first few times but that’s completely normal. Keep that up for three weeks and you’ll be having a perfect jawline structure on your face.

At least I can say for sure that you’ll see a good change. You also need to work a bit on your diet. And make sure you check out our article on how to get perfect cheekbones as well to make your face look attractive and more structured than ever before.

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  • my chicks are really fat and chubby. I wish I had the lean cheek and a good jawline. Any diet recommendation to decrease face fats?

    • @Karissa nothing as specific. I'd prefer to avoid oily food and the fast food items. Avoid eating cheesy food. And daily exercise helps a lot.

  • cheeks exercise will cause little pain when you do it first time. But it helps to build and increase cheek bones.

  • I've chubby and fatty face. Will these exercise help me make a perfect jawline? I'm scheduling to do all the above mentioned exercises on daily basis for 25-30 mins. Hope it will help. Thanksss

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