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What Do The Colors Of A Mood Ring Mean?

The mood ring is a ring to wear like normal rings, but what makes it different is depicting your mood and changing its color accordingly. Mood rings change colors as your mood changes. Every color it turns is related to your mood. It can tell anybody about your mood in few minutes.

The person you are with thus can easily check your mood on your ring. In the Early 70s, people were using mood rings as trendy jewelry. In the 70s, mood rings were in high demand. Everyone wanted to have one; even it used to be one of the trendiest gifts. But soon with time, it faded. People forgot about it.

Are mood rings still in fashion?

As time passed demand of mood rings declined just like any other periodic fashion jewelry. In modern times, when people are again moving back towards past trends, mood rings are one of the fashion trends that came into the spotlight. Recently, innovation of mood lipsticks and mood nail polish has increased the craze in people.

It has also led to the revival of the trend of mood rings, which were innovated in the 70s. Hence, people like the mood ring, and now it has become a trend again.

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History of Mood rings

Mood rings were one of the trendiest jewelry innovations of past. Two inventors Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds from America had patented the mood rings and mood necklaces first time in 1975. As per the claim of Maris Ambat, he had invented it in the 60s but didn’t patent it that time. Later, he worked on it again and got its patent with Josh Reynolds.

How does mood rings work?

Mood rings look like normal gemstone rings with some design on it. However this is not the actual case, mood rings are designed like any normal ring, but it is not studded with actual gemstones. It has fake gemstones, which are shallow stone containing liquid crystals inside. Whenever you feel something be it happy, sad or nervous, these liquid crystals will change their color.

It has up to 7 colors, which will change depending on your mood.  Mood rings may have shallow glass shells or clear glass stone. It depends on the maker how he would design it. But the science behind both the design options is same that is thermotropic science.

Thermotropic means a tendency to react on heat, which you can observe in changing reflections. The liquid crystals, which are placed below, clear glass stones or inside shallow glass shells is thermotropic liquid crystals. When it comes in contact with heat, its crystals twist and change the wavelength of light.

In other words, whenever your ring comes in contact with heat, its color changes as its liquid crystals start twisting. Now the question arises how it is related to mood? We all know that our normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. Whenever we have some specific feeling our body temperature changes.

This change in our body temperature leads to the crystals twist. When we feel happy, our body gets heated this makes the mood ring to change its color. On getting close to heat its liquid crystal twists and change the reflected color of light.

What do the colors of the mood ring mean?

Mood rings are often considered as fashion jewelry, but its use is not only restricted to fashion. Mood ring helps you to identify your feelings and your health state. Not only you, but your family members and friends can understand your mood at times with the help of your mood ring.

Mood ring will show you different colors at different times according to your mood. What you are feeling will be shown in your ring. Many times it happens that we don’t even know our feeling, our ring can tell us. Mood ring shows up to seven colors depending on your mood.

But, How to check what your mood ring is telling you? If you have bought mood ring for the first time or haven’t bought it yet, we are here to help you. We will guide you what do the colors of a mood ring mean. Following is the list of colors of mood ring and its meaning


Black is always known for a negative side. Your ring changes colors on receiving varying temperature, one of them is black.

Your mood ring will show black color when it will receive a slightly cold temperature. Its metal design receives temperature from your finger, which helps liquid crystals to change color. However, you will mostly find that when your ring is not in use, it will show the black color because of cold temperature.

Black indicates a dark mood, mostly if you are feeling anxiety, nervousness, sadness, etc.

It happens your mood is not good because of your surroundings and activities around it. Even sometimes you would notice black color in your ring in January in February.

The reason may be just poor central heating in your office. Other times the reason of showing color might be a result of poor blood circulation in your body. Maximum time the reason for black color in your ring would be health issues and your lowering mood.

If you are feeling good and happy and even not working in cold temperatures, still your ring is showing black color then you should consider your health.

You should start a daily 30 minutes exercise routine to deal with it. It will increase your blood circulation in your body. And definitely, the ring color would tell you in few days that you are going well. If your ring remains black every day without any interference from external forces, you should consult a doctor, and get a full health check-up.

If you’re perfectly fine, don’t have any health issue then you should observe your behavior and also should notice environment around you, how it is affecting you.

You might get depressed because of continuous failures, or because of some personal relationship problems. In such case, you should try some yoga, deep breathing and stretch of arms and upper torso. It will help you to relax your heart and will reduce heart constriction.

Also, a feeling of disappointment and anger may turn your ring black. The best to deal such situation would be to talk to the person who is the reason for your anger. Otherwise, try some hobby activities, etc. 


The white color is a calm color, always related to peace. It will reflect your calm and meditative mood. On the other side, when you feel bored or something like any repetitive work or else, ring shows white color on its stone. The white color also indicates your frustration towards anyone or any situation.

The maximum time when you see white color on your mood ring, you must be feeling bored, frustrated, indifferent, fear, confusion, etc. Your philosophical mood will also reflect a white color on your ring.


Grey color is a light variation of black. If you are having a feeling of stress or discomfort your ring will show grey color on it. The initial level of anxiety is also the reason for the grey color on mood ring. 


If we look into the meaning of green color on mood rings, then we would get mixed results. Mostly, the green color is reflected on mood ring stone because of the cold temperature it gets in touch with. Are you in cold surroundings? If yes, your mood ring will show you green color on its stone.

Well, that’s not a problem to worry. But the other reason could be a one for you. If you are not in the cold environment, then the possible reason for your ring turning green could be continuous inactivity of your body.

If you have office work or any continuous deskwork, it may restrict your blood circulation as you have to be in the same position for hours. Insufficient blood circulation would not allow your body to work properly.

Your body will become cold in temperature, which will change the color of your ring. Little change in your activities can boost your blood circulation.

Another commonly found reason is a mixed feeling of anxiety and sensitivity, in other words, some alertness. Whenever you perform something on a stage or do something which nervous you. The mood ring may indicate this nervous anxiety full feel with green color. Your mood ring also shows green color when you are feeling little agitation. 


Light Blue
Blue is a calm color, a very pleasing color to our eyes. What do you feel when you see blue color anywhere? Peace of mind, Right? Same is the case with mood rings too. Mood rings will indicate your calm mind through its blue color. It shows light blue color when your mind is balanced, and not too much excited or stressful. A calm, balanced mind would keep your body temperature normal, resulting in blue color on mood ring’s stone.

Dark Blue Color
A dark blue color on your ring isn’t a problematic issue for you. As a light blue color is a result of your neutral body temperature, dark blue color shows your body is more relaxed with a feeling of warmth. What does the meaning of warmth feeling here? Did you ever notice how you feel whenever you do something for others or give a gift? Great isn’t it.

When do you think of your loved ones you feel the warmth, right? This is the same warm feeling we are talking about. This warmth you feel when the most special person in your life text you ‘I love you’ or if you have achieved an important goal in your life.

This warmth feeling generates heat in your body. Your me mind feels fully relaxed and calm including a warmth; your ring will tell you about it by changing its color to dark blue. In other words, you feel contented and happy.


Yellow color indicates you that your thoughts are wandering too much. It tells you that you are imaginative at certain times. A Normal yellow shade is a reason for your imaginary mood.

 Bright yellow  signifies your poetic mood and tells you that your mind is in observation state.

A  yellow-orange  shade would indicate your confusing mind, or it may tell you that you are upset. So whenever you feel anxious, upset or confused, your ring would change its color to a yellow-orange shade.


Your restless, tensed and scared mood reflects on your mood ring with normal brown color. However, brownish yellow shade indicates your mixed feelings. A taupe color on your mood ring would tell you that you are confused or aggravated.

Brownish yellow   Mixed emotions
Taupe   Aggravated, angst, stressed, confused


Pink color shows you that your mood is calm and relaxed. Pink is usually associated with affection. Here your mood ring also shows your affectionate feel with pink color, but it includes a touch of relaxed and calm mind. Pink color also shows some confused state. It may be a situation when you feel unanswered.


Red is a color of passion. It shows your feeling of passion and affection. Bright red tell your feeling of anger and adventure. Orange-red shows your devilish side or confused state.


Orange on your ring signifies a mixed feeling of indignation, confusion, anger, etc. When you feel upset or nervous you ring’s stone can become orange.


Deep Purple shows your passionate and romantic feeling. It also indicates an adventurous feel. Reddish purple shows your angry mood. Whereas indigo tells you that your mind is balanced.

These were the colors mood rings show the different state of mind. Now, you can buy your one for yourself or gift anyone.

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