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Top 5 Outfit To Wear When You Go On a First Date – For Girls

Usually, there is a lot of excitement that precedes a date. A date can be very exciting but preparing for a date is sometimes as much fun. A major aspect of preparing for a date is deciding on what to wear for a date.

For a woman, a date is an opportunity to dress up. Putting on makeup wearing a great dress and accessorizing in a chic way will help a woman look really good on a date.

Usually, dates are occasions where women try to look their best. The outfit also depends on the type of date and the venue of the date. The following are the top 5 outfit ideas that are perfect for a date and you can easily buy them using Myntra Promo Codes at discounted prices.

Top 5 Date Outfits

Little Black Dress or Short Mini Dress

  • The little black dress is an iconic fashion introduced to the fashion world decades ago by Chanel. This is a perfect choice for date night and has been used by millions of women all over the world.
  • There are many options that are available with a little black dress as a little black dress is very versatile. Little black mini dress, slip dress, the elegant sheath dress, the black flared dress, bodycon dress, babydoll dress, the iconic black lace dress and the flirty mini black party dress are just a few examples of the little black dress.
  • Short Mini dresses are perfect for a fun date. They showcase the legs and women can wear high heels with a short dress. Short mini dresses are perfect almost in any color and wearing a great coat or leather jacket with these dresses is a good choice.

Flirty Blouse or Top with Pants

  • For a fun and casual date, it is a great choice to wear stylish pants with a flirty blouse. There are many types of tops and blouses that are perfect with pants for a date to the movies or just a casual date at any time of the day.
  • Crop tops, blouse tops, tunic tops, tube tops, and tank tops are a top choice for dates. For a more elegant look peplum tops, wrap style tops, camisole tops with jackets, asymmetrical tops and off shoulder and one shoulder tops are all worn on dates.
  • The popular choice for pants perfect for date night includes jeans, palazzo pants, wide legged pants, tailored trousers, sailor pants, and cropped trousers. Wearing a stylish pant with a very attractive top is an easy choice for date night.

Elegant Cocktail Dress

  • A great choice for a date night out is an elegant cocktail dress. This dress is a great choice for a fancy restaurant, a formal party or event and even for a standard dinner and movie date.
  • Cocktail dresses are generally available in most colors of the spectrum and in different styles and fashion elements. Metallic colors, as well as bright colors, are all great options for such dresses.
  • These dresses are available in different patterns and styles. Usually, there is limited print on these dresses especially cocktail dresses for a night out are not known for its prints.
  • A cocktail dress is made using velvet, lace, taffeta, satin, and brocade. These dresses include sheath dresses, A-line dresses, lace dresses, midi style elegant dresses, wrap dresses, and shift dresses are some of the examples of cocktail dresses.

Stylish Jumpsuits

  • Over the last few years, jumpsuits have made a major comeback in fashion. The latest tailored jumpsuits in different colors are easily available in the market. Jumpsuits are a very interesting outfit for date night as they can be worn during a daytime date or for a night out.
  • Jumpsuits are available in plain bold colors, in animal prints, in flower and flirty prints, bold prints as well as tie-dye prints.
  • Loose fitting jumpsuits with a belt, a body-hugging jumpsuit, short rompers, three fourth style jumpsuits, halter style jumpsuits, and even strapless jumpsuits are all great options for a date.

Casual Skirt Blouse

  • As mentioned above, there are various types of tops that are perfect for a date. Pairing the top with a lovely skirt is a great choice. There are many styles of skirts perfect for different types of occasions.
  • Flare skirts, mini-skirts, pleated skirts; maxi skirts, A-line pencil skirts, tutu skirts, and skater skirts are all perfect for a date and you can grab them buy using Flipkart Offers Today.
  • A skirt depends on the type of top a woman is wearing. Different skirts suit different types of figures and it is important to know what looks good before choosing it for a date.


The above-mentioned outfits are perfect for a range of different types of dates and events. A date is a great way to start a relationship and also keep the excitement in a relationship. Getting ready for a date and wearing a great outfit is part of the excitement of a date.